7/21/17 - Jerusalem  Blog Begins!
Stay posted, blog will be up soon! 
And so the Jerusalem Blog begins.                                                              
We are writing a book while on a 7 month sabbatical.
I am illustrating the book with oil paintings I am painting here. I will be sharing some of our experiences , focusing on the art I am creating in this magnificent place.
10/7/2015 - What is the Most Important Thing in a Portrait?
"Gesture is the heart of the portrait, the most important aspect of the portrait"-- Eduardo Fernandez, portrait painter.   I am learning that in drawing the model, in order to find the gesture, one must paint what the model is doing, the action or "gesture" of the model, not just copy the model. 
10/2/2015 - Upcoming event on October 17th
A taste of Art
5/26/2015 - Welcome to my website.
It's great to have a place where I can share my art and my artist's journey. I was out on the Williamette River in Lake Oswego yesterday doing some plein air painting. It was a beautiful day: minimal wind, not too hot or cold. I am happy with the painting I did too!